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Teeth Whitening Questions

How does Teeth Whitening work?

Teeth whitening removes stains from the different layers in your teeth, the enamel (the outer layer), and dentin (the next layer). Vaporwhite Gel's active ingredients penetrate your teeth and break down discolored molecules in your teeth, removing stains and whitening your smile.

How do I use the Vaporwhite Whitening Pen?

It's easy to use: Just Twist the pen until gel appears on the brush tip. Brush a thin layer of gel onto your teeth and Smile to let it dry for 30 seconds. Once the gel has dried on your teeth, you should leave it on to work for an hour or more. Some people like to apply the gel right before bed, and leave it on overnight. Once you're ready, you can brush your teeth clean.

What about Tobacco stains?

Tobacco stains are often the most difficult teeth stains to remove. The tar and smoke turn your teeth yellow, especially in the cracks and crevices between teeth. Vaporwhite Teeth Whitening is specially designed and formulated to be the most effective product at erasing tobacco stains from your teeth. The gel contains a proprietary blend of powerful active ingredients that are proven to be effective at erasing tobacco stains. And the brush tip is designed to get between the uneven spaces in your teeth that are stained by tobacco.

I'm twisting the Whitening Pen, why isn't any gel coming out?

Keep twisting! On your first use, it may take a lot of twists to get the whitening gel onto the brush tip. This is because the cartridge needs to be primed on first use.

Does Vaporwhite Whitening contain any animal-based products?

That's an easy one - Nope. And we use vegetable based glycerin.

Is Vaporwhite Whitening for Anyone?

Children under the age of 14 and pregnant and nursing mothers should consult a physician before Whitening with Vaporwhite.

Vaping Questions

So, how do I Vape?

Easy! Check out our step-by-step picture guide.

Is my device safe from malfunctions such as overheating?

Yes! We've seen the frightening stories of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices catching fire or worse! Lithium Ion batteries, the type used in most vaping devices (as well as mobile phones and laptops), including Vaporwhite's Vape Pen, are safe when designed and manufactured correctly. First, Vaporwhite uses high-safety battery cells which are designed to be safe from overheating and malfunction. We use detecting circuits for over-heating and overcharing. To be sure, our Vape Pen components also undergo stress testing in ovens and crush-tests (wicked videos). So yes, you're safe!

E-liquid Questions

Are your e-liquids vegetarian?

Yes! Actually, all Vaporwhite products are vegetarian and contain no animal derived products. Our glycerin is entirely plant-based.

Are all of your e-liquid flavors Kosher?

While all of our base ingredients are kosher certified by the OU and Ajdut Kosher, some flavors contain additional ingredients that cannot be certified kosher. Currently, all of our flavors are certified kosher, except for Classic Tobacco and Tobacco Gold. Make sure to check back here as we expand our e-liquid line up.

I've heard that 75% of e-liquids on the market contain Diacetyl or ingredients linked to health risks. Do Vaporwhite e-liquids contain these chemicals?

No, our e-liquids are free of all known harmful chemicals such as diacetyl, acetoin, and acetyl propanol. As a health-first company, we closely follow trending research and best practices (and employ the advice of outside experts) to ensure that we are providing the healthiest product possible on the market.

Order Questions

When will my order ship?

We aim to have all orders shipped out by the next business day.


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