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Teeth Whitening Gel Pen


1 Teeth Whitening Gel Pen 
(2 Week Supply)

- The Strongest Teeth Whitening in
  the Most Convenient Package
- Removes Stains
- Fast Results (Even after a day or two!)
- Easy To Use: Twist up, Brush on, Smile
- Safe And Effective, FDA Registered
- Made In The USA

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Twist up.

It's easy to use: Just Twist the pen until gel appears on the brush tip. Brush a thin layer of gel onto your teeth and Smile to let it dry for 30 seconds.

Whitening Pen with Brush Tip
Whitening Power

Our Vaporwhite Whitening Gel is a proprietary formulation that is the strongest whitening available for home use. Safe and extremely effective, you will see results quickly (sometimes even the first time you use it!) . That's also why we are made in the USA, in an FDA certified facility.

Made for You

Vaporwhite's Teeth Whitening Pen is extremely effective at whitening yellowed teeth. Our pen applicator gets into the cracks where stains build up. It penetrates your teeth to reach discolored molecules, removing them from your teeth and whitening your whole smile.

Vape and White Pen


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