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Pure Flavors

Try our delicious e-liquids, custom blended in the USA.
Classic Tobacco E-liquid Color
A smooth and classic tobacco taste, reinvented for you.
Menthol E-liquid Color
Cooling menthol poured over a smooth tobacco - balanced.
Tobacco Gold E-liquid Color
A rich, pure tobacco taste with hints of honey.
Tobacco Red E-liquid Color
A solid Tobacco flavor with a light smokey finish.
Dark Berry E-liquid Color
A best seller, with fresh blueberries and blackberries.
Watermelon E-liquid Color
A red juicy summer choice, just like the real thing.
Vaping + Teeth Whitening

With Vaporwhite, the power of two is not just the power of one plus one. Vaporwhite products are made for each other. You'll notice changes just as quickly as everyone else will. Our Kits make it easy, and at a great price.
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Vape Pen with Whitening Pen
Whitening Pen
Vaporwhite Teeth Whitening

Our Teeth Whitening Gel Pen is designed for maximum strength and easy application. And with our special formulation and Ph-balance, it is extremely effective at erasing tobacco stains. You will smile brighter in no time at all.
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Vaporwhite Vaping

Our Vape Pen is designed for performance and convenience. With refillable tanks and a sleek form, you will get the best balance. And with American made e-liquids, you'll get flavor and quality, every time.
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